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Achieving Excellence Through Motivation

Car Mechanic

Self-motivation: Some of us have it, while others need external input to spur them on.

It’s no surprise to any shop owner that many technicians, service writers and office personnel lack motivation in this industry. But, as an owner or supervisor it’s clear that to have a successful shop, we must create these motivations within our people to get them to perform effectively. The hardest trick is knowing exactly what motivates each person to do well, and the key to this comes from the top in the form of LEADERSHIP.

It’s up to you, as the leader of your organization, to not only discover what it is that motivates each of your people, but to also make sure to use the right form with each employee. Some are motivated by money; others would like some unexpected time off. Some would like professional recognition with a plaque or trophy, or maybe an article in the local news; you might also provide a free “date night” or dinner out for a job well done. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to discover the right motivator for each of your people, and to utilize it as required.

Fear as a motivator? In today’s work environment, fear must be used as little as possible. Sure, we all have experienced an employee who is either non-productive, or even counter-productive to the goals of your team, but using fear to try to extract better performance can backfire, resulting in high turnover and resentment. Yes, we know that fear works in some instances, but be prepared for possible “fallout” should you administer it in the wrong situation.

All employees want to feel that they contribute to the team effort, and that their efforts are important to the overall success of the shop. In our positions of leadership, we need to foster these feelings and instill a sense of pride, of teamwork, and of “a job well done”. By making them a vital part of your mission, and giving them the proper recognition, your employees will feel as though they are part of something significant and important. They will work hard to maintain that feeling, and will do what’s necessary to maintain their status and sense of pride. When you have this across your organization, you know you can count on them to give superior effort to the tasks at hand.

The late Arthur Ashe said “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Consistently celebrating the successes of your team are critical to being a successful business owner, and your leadership in this area will make a huge difference in the morale and performance of your team. Tell each of them what YOU want; find out what THEY want, and combine them for the team performance that you’re looking for!