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Have you ever been running late for work, you’re in summer’s mindset still, and you come out to your windows being frosted over? Don’t let it happen this year, especially to your customers, when the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems arise, diagnose easily and quickly using Real Fix. This is how it works, you begin by entering the troubled type of car, the title of the part that is working improperly, the customer’s complaint. After entering this information, the cause of the issue will come up using the details you entered; then the way to solve the problem will come up. You will be a superhero to your customers, possibly even better than Santa Claus this winter.


Type of Vehicle: 2000, Ford Pickup F150, 4.2L

Title of failing part:

Defroster Inoperative, Replaced Thermostat Housing Gasket

Customers’ complaint:

The customer states the defroster is inoperative.

Cause of problem:

Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found the defroster was inoperative. Performed an inspection of the engine cooling system and found the engine coolant was below operating level. Filled the engine coolant to the proper operating level, attached a pressure tester to the engine cooling system, and pressurized the system to check for leaks. The engine cooling system did not retain the applied pressure, which indicated an engine coolant leak was present. Continued to apply pressure to the engine cooling system, inspected the system for signs of an external engine coolant leak, and found engine coolant leaked from the thermostat housing. Removed the thermostat housing and found the thermostat housing gasket was damaged.

Solution to the problem:

Replaced the thermostat housing gasket and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concern did not return.