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Get Organized with A Shop Management System


Technology is driving all forms of businesses forward, and your repair facility is no exception. As vehicles become more complex, the processes needed to repair them, while keeping your customer informed and satisfied, are also changing.

By utilizing an Auto Shop Management system, you can communicate better with your customers, organize your estimating, diagnostics and repairing functions, and save both you and your customer time. By doing so, you’ll create a much better customer experience and expand your customer loyalty, leading to a more profitable shop.

Here’s a few ways to make those improvements:

Organizing Your Shop – With auto repair shop management software such as Manager™ SE , you can keep track of the many different functions of the shop. From appointments, to parts inventory, to repair orders, vehicle and customer records, to prospect lists, invoices and manpower scheduling…all these functions can be organized efficiently and found easily in one application. Instead of searching for records in a file cabinet, you can call up a customer’s name and find all their repair history and customer information quickly.

Simplify Processes – Reducing the time it takes to write accurate estimates can be helpful in completing the vehicle service reliably and quickly, and can create a first-class customer experience that will bring your customers back to your shop. Our ProDemand Estimator is integrated with the Manager™ SE shop management system, streamlining the estimating, diagnostic and repair processes.

Track Internal Performance – Understanding the areas of your shop that are performing well, and the areas that need attention can provide the improvements that your shop may need to become more profitable. The reporting capabilities of Manager™ SE can provide more than 180 reports, including sales, average RO value, profits, parts orders, service writer and technician productivity, and much more. With this much information, you’re in control of your shop’s future and growth.

Improve Communication with Customer Involvement – Having customer information at your fingertips when they enter your shop allows you to make a personal connection that makes your customer feel welcome. At a glance in Manager™ SE, you can see all of your customer’s account and vehicle history. With the SocialCRM marketing service integration, a user-friendly interface displays their previous reviews on social media and details like cumulative spending and communications they have received from you. SocialCRM also helps you stay connected once the customer leaves your shop, with automated thank-you notes, service and appointment reminders and special promotions you’re offering.

By utilizing a technology-based solution for shop management, you’ll save time, increase productivity and have far more information at your fingertips for a quick and positive customer experience. Call your Mitchell1 Representative for a demonstration today!