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Losing your MVP

Losing a key person in any business can be a little overwhelming. There is never a good time for turnover. Rarely are service repair facility owners prepared to replace their MVP. It’s not only hard for the owner and other employees, it’s more painful for the customers because they are losing a person they trust with their car. No one ever wants to receive a notice from an employee, but it is inevitable. Hopefully it is a circumstance that is out of your control like relocating for a spouse and not another issue.

There are two types of turnover; good and bad. Good turnover benefits you and those around you because you can replace an employee who might have been underperforming regardless of how much performance counseling you're offering. Bad turnover occurs when you lose a valuable employee that will be nearly impossible to replace. The amount of time it takes to replace a good employee can be excessive, causing a dip in your bottom line.

So what can you do? Start by recruiting before you actually need someone. What if you could train everyone to be your MVP? Think about it in football terms; what happens when your star quarterback gets hurt? You have a backup quarterback. Start visiting high schools and colleges and recruit new talent. Create a succession chart so that every employee understands the hierarchy of your business. This will keep your team motivated to continue to move up.